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Net Menders and Tenders Institute: How to Build Apostolic Networks - Audio Drive

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In Net Menders and Tenders, John P. Kelly teaches the keys to develop successful and durable apostolic networks.

The Net Menders Flash Drive includes exactly the same sessions and Downloadable Workbook as the CD set.    

Today’s Church requires strong alliances to handle the challenges. The strategic value of creating strong apostolic networks will maximize leadership efforts and release a greater anointing that synergy creates! 

8 Sessions include: 

  • The Value of Creating Apostolic Networks
  • Apostolic Authority and Accountability
  • How the Apostolic Transforms and Reforms
  • Structural and Governmental Alignment
  • The Purpose of the Apostolic Anointing
  • Types and Structures of Networks
  • Developing an Army
  • Financing an Apostolic Network
  • Apostolic Administration
  • Plus  Downloadable Companion Workbook


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